Friday, 22 May 2009

You can be mother......

I'm jolly lucky........... I have two lovely parents who always love what I make and like to tell me so quite often. I'm of course not soft and realise some of this is can be quite biased because well I'm there daughter...but every so often I know they mean it because they want one of their own of whatever it is I have made...and this latest cosy is an example.

After much complaining by my mother, that I seemed to be far more concerned with keeping friends tea hot ....I started on making her a tea cosy....she isn't really one for plain things so I came up with the idea of making it kind of look like a grassy hill covered in poppies

and this is how it turned out....
Thankfully my mum was rather happy with it and put it straight to good use :)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fabulous Darling...

Just wanted to make a little note about how much I have enjoyed watching Kirstie Allsops Homade Home on Channel Four.

It was so refreshing to see somebody making over a home without it looking like every other house on the street. Let's face it ....I think we are all a little fed up of 'feature walls'. Instead Kirstie has made a home look like a home should or at least how I would like a home to look. I have always loved a house to have things in it.

I have never been a fan of the minimal always looks too....well minimal!

Obviously as someone who loves to make things it was also wonderful to see her meeting different crafts people and having a go herself.Crafting is so often dismissed as it is seen as a lesser art form than say fine art painting...but as anyone watching the programme could see a crafters talent and skill can be almost endless if they have the imagination.

I am certainly looking forward to another series....Fabulous!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Happy Smilie EMO?!

The cause?........Finally finished my daughters jumper...
Its not that it actually took me a long time to do,its just that I did a million things in between.
(bad mum!)

I'm really quite happy with how it has turned out...its actually my first proper piece of knitted clothing (other than hats)
It was quite a simple jumper ( Sirdar Click Chunky 8940) and I just put in my own pattern for the skull on it.
The only downside has been that because my daughter was so happy with it.....she now wants a stripy one!
A knitters work is never done :)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Just like Granny used to make....

Well I say just like Granny used to make.....but I have know idea if either of mine ever did.
I do love knitting but to be honest I think any type of wool manipulating is jolly good fun. Lately I've been doing a spot of crochet.....
If your new to crocheting, Granny squares are a great way to start.....I love choosing colours that make your eyes do a bit of far I am half way through a throw for my new flat and a handbag ( at least I plan to make a handbag).

Ta da.....