Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Let it snow.....

..........actually I wish it would stop. The snow is all well and good, looks pretty n' stuff but the hard icy slippery glaze it leaves after is horrid :(

Luckily when I have had to go out my new favorite scarf has kept my neck super warm :)

If you haven't seen it yet Sirdar are making a fabulous wool .......SNOWBALL it is lovely....very snuggily!The idea is its a scarf in a ball... all instructions are on the inside of the label. I have chopped and changed these about a little ....the scarf I made for myself I have done using more stitches but the scarves I made for extra Christmas gifts I made with less as that way I could get two scarves out of one ball.......the recipients loved them too so good times all round!

Finally finished another scarf I was working on should have taken way less time to complete but I kept getting part way through it and then would change my mind about the size or stitches or needle size. I probably would have been able to make 5 scarves in the same amount of time it took me but its done now...I just hope the person I have made it for is happy with it.

Fingers crossed :)