Friday, 18 September 2009

Square eyes and Mr.Crabbapple

I'm not sure why I thought doing a huge cross stitch was such a jolly good idea...but once I'd had it,it was set in stone and the cross stitch A2 size chart making began..hence the square eyes... I'm attempting to cross stitch a photo I took of a friend some time ago. ..sounds a bit dull but its not your usual portrait so hopefully it will be rather interesting if and when its completed. The actual piece wont be A2 (I'm not that crazy!) it will be between an A4 and A3 size....Eeeek!

As for Mr.Crabbapple he came in to being last weekend whilst sat having some quiet time with my dad in his brain had switched off and so my hands just got on with their own thing resulting in Mr.Crabbapple. Here he is enjoying the garden.....

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Its not for you...

but this one is.

I had decided to have a go of crocheting a mouse for my kitten. I used a pattern from

Its really simple and fun to do.

Anyway my kitten loved his...and so I made another one for the cats at my mums house...stuffed with plenty of catnip, I thought they would love it...and they did for five minutes.

After that the mouse was left to one side. Until my sister brought my nephew home and he spotted was love at first sight.He is sixteen months old and I think he mostly loves the size of it...just right for little hands.

So today I knitted a new one for him..catnip free...and he loved this one too...he likes to throw it about and managed a great trick. After one particular throw neither of us could see the was only when he turned around I noticed it had landed neatly in his hood! :)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Got my cake...

but I don't fancy eating it.

Great for putting my pins in though....made the pattern up on the fly.I may tweak it as the base looks more pie like in shape than cupcake...then again I might not..I've always liked the fuller figured cake.