Friday, 14 August 2009

I haven't dyed I've just been ill...

So yeah...not much happening on the making front of late...
Firstly due to a week away in Wales...where apart from finding the cutest wee wool shop, not much went on in the world of crafting...too busy going on walks...having staring competitions with sheep and having a go of fishing for the first time.

The wool shop was fabulous stuffed to the brim with wool...The lady was lovely and said she'd been there for years and couldn't imagine shutting anytime soon. I loved the fact it was one of about only four shops in the tiny village we where staying may not have been able to get a huge selection of groceries at the local shop....but who needs food when you can get your yarn fix!

Then other reasons for the lack of crafting has been illness...I was ill (some kind of flu thing) the last day we were in Wales and that lasted a week ...wiped me out completely! Then after being well for about five days I was struck down again with a heavy cold...and so have not felt up to doing much other than sleeping.
Anyway its been a few days now and I am on the mend so fingers crossed I will be raring to go next many few arms!

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