Friday, 1 July 2011

Addiction or Obsession....

Old knitting patterns ...I love them....can't get enough of them infact.

I can be often found in charity shops seaching for them. Or on Ebay hoping my bid is high enough for that extra special pattern.

I have been a super lazy blogger of late and so to get myself started again I thought I would share a few favorites :)

Lovely penguin jumper.....oddly called Snow Cat Sweater though?!

I do love these two patterns ...far too lazy for 3ply ...well not so much lazy as slow.

Not sure which is more off putting ..child with gun (even a toy one) or the look in his eyes......

It has been decided that these two gents are looking very smug with themselves having just done away with their wives and hidden them in the attic (also the one holding the hammer could possibly be related to Keith Floyd)

These vests are making the models so happy the girl at the top seems to be going insane.

Don't want to give you pattern joy overload so they shall do for now :)

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