Thursday, 4 February 2010

Curse of the WIP's

As many an artist/crafter knows it is usually much easier to start a new project than to finish it.

One project is started then an you have an amazing idea for another and so the first gets put to one side....or you run out of something and so that project will have to wait....and of course in the meantime another one sneaks in its place....

Before you know it you have got a bad case of the WIP's ( work in progress) and boy have I ever!

I've always had a slight problem with my WIP's but it seems to have gotten worse of late...and I think I know why.

Just before Christmas last year I began helping out the odd morning at my local wool shop....its not for money ....just for fun and to help me gain a little more confidence. This however seems to be where my problems start... you see I end up having ideas while I'm in there...what with the patterns and wool and ribbons and buttons and...well you get the idea.

WIP's at the moment include 2 adult hats, 1 child hat, 1 adult skirt, 1 ds case (although to be fair I have finished one and I am just waiting to do some sizing to the second) a bag and they are just the knitted projects.

Sewing: 2 skirts, 1 tunic and 1 needle holder
Crochet: 1 bee and 1 chick
Cross stitch: 1 portrait

So as you can see they can build up.....and so I better get off here....and carry on with them or the list will only get longer!!!!

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